Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tarot Card Meaning_Six of Pentacles

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When you draw the Six of Pentacles in a tarot card reading, gifts are received and given. It indicates that you will soon be receiving some unearned money or other kind of valuable present.

An established person or organization will be able to help you either financially or by providing clients, a work space or valuable introduction.

For those who are already established, this card suggests awards,cash prizes and increase in power and influence.

Another tarot card meaning of Six of Pentacles is you may be in a position to help someone who is just starting out.

Tarot Card Meaning-Six of Pentacles reversedWhen you draw the Six of Pentacles reversed in a tarot card reading, don't let your insecurities push you into being a workaholic. Choose well-defined objectives that will bring growth.

Slow down. Try not to borrow now. New obligations will take the starch out of your sails.

Material loss is another tarot card meaning of this card's position. A warning agains financial loss through gambing,extravagance or stupididty. It may also come about through theft or even absent-mindedness.

Always remember where you place your purse or bag. Always lock up your house when you leave.

Another tarot card meaning of Six of Pentacles reversed suggests financial settlements which are usually connected with legal matters such as wills,divorce or business arrangements.

You will share out your belongings,furniture and other material possessions.

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