Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tarot Card Meaning-King Of Cups

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Go easy on yourself and accept what the day brings. Control your temper, don't take criticism personally.Try not to feel pressured by deadlines.

Cultural and spiritual activities is also the tarot card meaning of King of Cups. It denotes wide range of artistic and cultural activities.

King of Cups can also stand for New Age businesses, movements,spiritual ideals and secret organizations.

King of Cups represents the most feminine of the four Kings. He is usually highly sensitive,intuitive and they are often found in creative jobs. Even in more conventional careers he can be eccentric, making decisions and investments because he feels they are right rather than for any logical reason. These hunches may lead him to become successful.

King of Cups is powerfully charismatic. Many people will find him magnetic yet difficult. He makes a dangerous enemy rarely forgetting a betrayal and able to wait for revenge.

In love, he is highly sexed and emotional. His sensitivity is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand he is kind and thoughtful on the other he imagines insults where none was intended. He can also be very moody and prone to fits of jealousy. However he is rarely boring or predictable.

Tarot Card Meaning-King of Cups reversed

When you draw the King of Cups reversed in a tarot card reading, your associates seem to be plodding along very slowly. Keep a backup plan handy in case they can't keep up.

Exaggeration is in the stars, so read between the lines.

Depressive,escapist and unfaithful is the tarot card meaning of King of Cups reversed. Like the King of Wands he can indicate an unfaithful partner. However, the King of Cups is so emotional and easily led sxually that he may give his partner the impression he is passionately in love with them.

The King of Cups reversed displays escapist tendencies such as heavy drinking,unreliability or even drug taking. He can be emotionally repressed finding it almost impossible to articulate his needs and feelings.

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