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Tarot Card Meaning-Queen of Cups

Tarot Card Meaning-Queen of Cups

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Remember that life is about more than your day to day job and worries. Take time to examine spiritual beliefs. Don't get bogged down by trivial details or the demand of others.

Another tarot card meaning of the Queen of Cups is it represents a highly imaginative, artistic often psychic woman. Her talents may be underused for she tends to be a bit lazy and also lacks confidence. In love, she is sympathetic and very loving. She may have trouvle asserting herself and always put her man first.

She is prone to bursting into tears and is very tender-hearted towards those in distress and small animals.

She can be delightfully vague and often has trouble being on time for appointments.

Tarot Card Meaning-Queen of Cups reversedCups reversed

When you draw the Queen of Cups reversed in a tarot card reading, those around you are acting stuffier than normal. Pay no attention. Take time to rethink matters especially your eating habits.

Emotional blocks and changeable moods is the most basic tarot card meaning of Queen of Cups reversed. This card's position may indicate repressed emotions,blocked sensuality,self pity and emotional exhaustion.

The Queen of Cups reveals a changeable over emotional woman who can also be manipulative. She may represent an emotional vampire who drains others of energy.

Sometimes this postion signifies a woman who has sustained painful emotional wounds. She may be locked into an unhappy and unfulfilling relationship or trapped in a dead end career.

Her taelnts lie dormant although she instinctively knows they are there and should be used, she does not know how to bring her about.

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