Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tarot Card Meaning-King Of Swords

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Your keen imagination helps you achieve independence.

Cultivate your talents. Seek the company of those who truly cares about you. Good clean advice is the basic tarot card meaning of the King of Swords when you draw it in a tarot card reading.
When the KIng of Swords represents a man, he is clever,logical and has a bright and restless mind.

He is an entertaining companion and often a charming flirt. He requires lots of mental stimulation from friends and lovers.

He enjoys burning off a lot of mental energy by playing mental games such as crossword puzzles,chess and card games.

Tarot Card Meaning-King Of Swords reversed.

When you draw the King of Swords reversed in a tarot card reading, jealousy is supreme in you or those around you. Watch out for narrow minds and prejudice.

Develop your intellectual skills,play your hunches.

This card's position indicates a masterful liar who is able to run rings around slower trusting type of people. He makes destructive use of words.

Another tarot card meaning of the King of Swords reversed indicates an intelligent but malicious man who could be making trouble for you. He is capable of generating written libel or spoken slander or drafting documents full of traps contracts.

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