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Tarot Card Meaning-Knight of Pentacles

Tarot Card Meaning-Knight of Pentacles

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Taking steps towards security is the most basic tarot card meaning of Knight of Pentacles. You have been questioning whether you will ever have enough money to get the things you want and need. You rarely feel discouraged but lately you lack confidence in the future.

Success is around the corner, but first you must learn to budget time and money better. This card stands for savings, loans and investors. Knght of Pentacles denotes the dawning of ambition and with the ability to work hard towards a goal.

Money may not be exactly abundant but with a firm aim in sight future rewards are more than likely.

The Knight of Pentacles may be just starting out in life yet his determined brand of ambition will eventually propel him to the top.

He is hard working and patient and rather conventional. He may seem a little slow and dull for his earthly mind lack imagination. However he is usually honest and makes a loyal friend or business partner who will not throw in the towel in the first hurdle.

Tarot Card Meaning-Knight of Pentacles reversed

When you draw the Knight of Pentacles reversed in a tarot card reading, the jey to your future financial security us to stopoverspending.. Cut back, Start looking at bottomlines, what you owe and to whom you owe it.

Another tarot card meaning of Knight of Pentacles reversed is financial strictures and career problems. It suggests over extended credit, refusal of loans or mortgages and an uncomfortable sensation of running on the spot to keep up financially.

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